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Care for children with special needs

Our caregivers have real-world experience working with children with physical disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, complex health requirements, challenging behavior, and sensory impairment.

We can support a child with disabilities or special needs for a longer period of time or provide temporary care while a parent or guardian is in the hospital or recovering from an illness.

 Our care packages are created with your specific requirements in mind.

  • Getting ready for school or college in the mornings

  • One-on-one support at school

  • Shopping trips, social or cultural events, leisure and sports

  • Assistance with personal care, meals, and feeding

  • Attending medical appointments

  • Participating in activities at home

  • Getting ready for bed, possibly with a bedtime story

  • Helping the family establish daily routines


We recognize that each child is unique, so prior to beginning our service, we will spend time getting to know them:

  • How they communicate

  • Their specific requirements and how you'd like them met

  • Their likes and dislikes

  • The things that are important to them


You can rest assured that every one of our employees has been thoroughly vetted; Our highest priority is your child's safety and well-being. In order to provide your child with the necessary continuity of care, we carefully select the appropriate team.

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