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Multiple sclerosis (MS) care

We offer Multiple Sclerosis care tailored to your unique needs, as well as support to help you and your family through the difficult times.

Treatment for MS focuses on slowing the progression of the disease and managing symptoms as they occur through medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes.

MS can be an extremely challenging condition to live with, so we strive to offer compassionate support with day-to-day symptoms as well as improving your quality of life.

We provide experienced staff who help manage your condition in your own home. We work with you to develop a MS care plan, tailored to your specific needs. This might include:

  • Managing or administering medications

  • Supporting with bathing and dressing

  • Help with toileting, including catheter and continence management

  • Establishing a regular exercise routine to improve mood and mobility

  • Dietary support

  • Assistance with household chores

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