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About Us


StillCare gives you and your family a personalized, professional service because the customer is important. We are determined to provide each and every customer with the best possible service.

We prioritize our clients and always put them first. Our point is to give the norm of care that we would need for our own families.


Our care packages are adaptable and answer your needs. We assist you with remaining in charge of your own life to the extent that you are capable. That is the reason we generally listen cautiously to everything you say to us about how you need to accept your care.

"The core of how we run our business is in forming a relationship with you that you can rely on."

Our staff perceive the extraordinary characteristics of every client and see the entire individual, in addition to a rundown of their care needs. We regard our clients and the various ways they decide to carry on with their lives.


We only hire and train the best care assistants who are dedicated to taking care of our service users and are capable, compassionate, and caring.

The core of how we run our business is in forming a relationship with you that you can rely on. We consistently check on the quality of care you receive from us. We make every effort to fulfill our promises and provide the consistent, dependable service you expect.


We invite your criticism and input since this assists us with working on our care. You can talk with us about any part of your care, at whatever point you need. We need to ensure that that you are in no question about how to voice any worries that might emerge or to give us any sure criticism.

If you have any issues or complaints, you can contact our management team for assistance. You can feel sure that we are completely consistent with our care.


We ensure high priority on your safety. Our care assistants are fully trained to perform their duties safely and to recognize signs of abuse to protect you from harm. The registered manager will be informed of any safety concerns you may have by your care assistant. At StillCare we don't entertain maltreatment to either our clients or our staff.

Providing you with the best nurses for the best care

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