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Night Care

Short-term care to help you or a friend or family member rest sufficiently as the night progresses. Night Care at home is a fundamental piece of our contribution at StillCare. Our devoted group of individuals work through the night, with the goal that our clients can feel and stay assured of our support. The type of support offered includes;

a).   Sleep-in Night
The care assistant stays at the property for at least eight hours each night and is available if necessary. This choice will suit in the event that you don't need normal help, yet feel awkward when let be over the course of the evening. Nerves and lack of sleep can before long be improved with a resting night care proficient there to help you. Having nighttime help at home can really help you stay happy and healthy. On the off chance that help is required beyond two times during the evening, this will be viewed as a waking evening.


b).   Waking Evening

The care assistant is on the job over the course of the night for at least eight hours. If you or a loved one wakes up multiple times, perhaps confused or in need of a bathroom break, this is the best support option. This is probably the best option for you if you have to change positions frequently throughout the night due to an injury or if you have to administer medication frequently.
The waking night care assistant is there next to you as and when you want them for the span of the evening, giving an elevated degree of master support.

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