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Stroke Care

We provide the extra home care and support you need to manage these challenges. Our dedicated staff team are experienced in providing practical, emotional and social support to help you enjoy a normal and independent life.

Each year approximately 150,000 people across the UK will have a stroke. It can happen to anyone at any age, but 75% of cases affect people over the age of 65. Family history, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure can all increase the risk of stroke.


Each person’s experience will be different, so we always ask about what is important in your life and your personal needs and preferences. Together we create a personalized home care and support plan to help you achieve your specific goals and to live the life that you want. You are always in control, we respect it’s your home and your choice. The services we offer include:

  • Support with rehabilitation. Encouragement to relearn skills and new ways of managing tasks of day to day living

  • A good morning start to your day, with help to wash, dress and have breakfast

  • Support to be involved in activities that are important to you, seeing friends and family, or going for a walk

  • Practical help around your home such as housework, shopping and laundry

  • Assistance with taking your medicines and/or making sure you have a readily available supply

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