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Care for people with Alzheimer's disease

At StillCare, we provide a variety of services to help people with Alzheimer's stay as independent as possible. For individualized Alzheimer's support and care, we believe in partnering with the customer, their family, and other healthcare professionals.

A visit with your loved one will be arranged by one of our dedicated teams to develop an individual care and support plan at the center. The plan will be tailored to support the individual, aiming to meet their specific goals and aspirations because everyone is affected differently.

The person who requires care and support will form a relationship with our professional staff as well as the wider support network. Our caregivers are able to gain a deeper comprehension of the individual's priorities and needs as a result of this. We learn how frequently our customers and their families communicate with each other. This ensures that everyone involved is aware of the individual's progress and well-being, as well as the care and support they are receiving.

We are able to gain a deeper comprehension of the individual's behavior and the ways in which we can assist them in feeling good about themselves thanks to the open lines of communication we have with them and their support network.

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